Thursday, September 1, 2016

Boys ARE boys

I am the middle of two sisters. I never had a brother and never really knew what it could be like to live with boys.

I remember before I had children-- before I had BOYS of my own I would imagine all the boys things.

Dirty feet, dirty hands, dirty noses. Action figures, toy cars, legos, mystery books, mini huddles over slimy worms, captured frogs and little messes- everywhere.

This week has been filled with countless little moments of EVERYTHING that I had ever imagined happening in the lives of little boys. It has sent me cringing and swooning all at the same time.

Here are some photos from  some recent "boy things"

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day at the Mn zoo

We know just how quickly our summer days can get away from us so Marshall and I put this trip on the calendar a couple months back. The weather was PERFECT and we have looked forward to getting out as a family since the last time we got out together. 
These are some of my favorite days.

The boys were most excited about the Dinosaurs exhibit so it helped that this was the first thing to see on the way into the zoo.

Marshall is so good about planning our day so we can hit up the cool shows they offer. The boys always love the fish feeding in the aquarium and Oliver LOVED this one the most, I am pretty sure.

We always love the butterfly exhibit. I remember there being more last time, but they are so beautiful to enjoy,

I can't believe how close this Tiger was. I felt sad for him as he slept there alone. (I am sad for all the zoo animals, and Ezra kept having to remind me that they are here for us to LEARN- he is right!)

Marshall (in his most favorite shirt) and his boys, (band picture;) 

The bees wouldn't leave us alone while we ate lunch so Ezra and I walked around by ourselves and tried to keep busy while the rest finished up.

 While we waited for the bird show to start, Marshall and I tried to recreate one of our very first pictures we took together as a couple.

Of course, Eli had to use the bathroom right before the show started so I threw him on my back and ran to the closest one (which wasn't close at all) 

When we finally made our way to the Dino exhibit, the boys were SO excited.
I remember it being so overwhelming and scary (for kids) last time, but this time it was a lot more toned down. 

Ezra was surprised when we walked to one of the dinosaurs and it turned and opened it's mouth and sprayed him with water. Ezra's first response to it was, "AGH! I did not know it was programmed to do that!" hahahah!!

The bears were so playful. I can't believe how HUGE these bears are!

We ended our day in the aquarium (and I thought we would never leave)
The boys love that they can put their little hands in the water and try to feel the fish.

I wanted to stop at Ikea on the way home since we were already in the area and since it fell around dinner time, we had a quick, mindless, easy dinner.

Made it so much easier for when we got home and unloaded.

What a day!!

Ezra couldn't believe all the things we saw and did, it was such a big day.

We love the zoo!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Fun Facts Friday!!

As I moved around in the kitchen pouring separate bowls of cereal and buttering toasts, I noticed Ezra playing quietly with his legos at the table. It wasn't his quiet demeanor that stopped me in my tracks. It was the way his legs hung and swung under the table. The amount of space from his toes to floor that was empty and the space from his ankles to his pajama pants that were bare. These empty and bare spaces were symbolic to me in the fact that I have time with my babies. He may be growing out of his pants, but he still can't plant his feet solid on the ground. Time is moving quickly and a lot of time I feel like I will never catch up,that my boys are growing too fast to enjoy. 
I HAVE TIME! I have all the time in the world because my children are my time in the world right now. This is exactly why I am so passionate about my decision to homeschool and I am getting SO excited to get our daily routine up and going in the fall. 

Here are some things that we have been up to lately.  Our lives have been so full with simple and wonderful things. 

Ezra and Eli are at this amazing stage where they are actually and genuinely, finally, enjoying eachothers company. I feel like I have been waiting for this since Eli was born. I can trust them to sit and play quiety together during "quiet time" at our house and not have to worry about them fighting, arguing or doing anything that they aren't supposed to. They have been encouraging each other to do good and be good and they are so helpful to us. Don't get me wrong, they have their moments, but they are amazing kids. They are also learning to have fun with each other and I love it.

Oliver's personality is shining through thick as of late. He is SMART, He is Quiet. He is very aware of his surroundings, of our requests and of his brother's energy. He is the best little brother. He will wrap his little arms around Eli's neck and pull him down to the ground to wrestle. When you ask him where anything is, he will take you right to it. He waves and smiles to anyone. He brings you YOUR things that you may have left out. He is totally looking out for us. And this one, if he takes one of the boys toys and they grab it from him, he will fight you to the death, BUT if you calmly ask for it back- he will always hand it you no problem. He is strong willed and I love it.

I'm continuing to soak in all the moments Marshall has to teach the boys. I love how much the boys trust him and listen to his counsel and wisdom.
 Family home evening's out on the deck on a summer night when the weather was perfect.

Eli in his "pirate patch" Going strong on our 15 hours a week of patch time.
He is either a pirate, Captain Red Beard, of Nick Fury.

Oliver is the best. He lets us put all sorts of accessories and costumes on him and he LOVES it!

We had our very first "family movie night" with the boys. Oliver sat and watched for the entire time. (This surprised me!) It took us forever to come to an agreement on which movie to watch. Toy Story 2 was a hit for the kids. This probably won't happen very often but it was nice to lay around as a whole family.

I took Ezra shopping for some new clothes for the year. He has gotten so tall that he hardly fits any of his pants! He LOVED shopping, He picked out his own clothes and got some cute little pieces. He has some serious swag.

The boys were a part of a simple little lego club at the library. For three weeks they went to the library with a bunch of other kids (boys mostly) and played legos together. Every time they would work hard to create something a little better than the last. I am glad they liked this. More than I thought they would.

We love the library and all the great free little programs that they have. We try to take advantage of what they have to offer. Toddler Obstacle course was a hit for Oliver, although I think it was aimed more for Eli's age. When we showed up there was probably 48 kids in there and then a minute after we got settled everyone ( almost EVERYONE) left. I tried not to take it personally, because I love that we had the whole space to ourselves. Oliver loved every bit of it!

Someone adorably sweet gifted this cute skirt to me this week, I still have NO idea who sent it, but I am grateful to be thought of! Such a sweet gesture!

On a particular day where I felt unusually stressed and anxious, Marshall came home with these sweet wildflowers. He said that he took a walk over lunch and there were a couple kids that said "Flowers for $1 or if you don't have a dollar, they are free!" I love so much about this and LOVED that he brought these home when he did. 

Ezra had his very first piano recital and he did a great job. He was a little nervous but he did his best and it was great! I love how excited he was to perform. He was (almost) most excited for his bow after his performance. He practiced the entire week before!

Ezra has started his fall soccer league practices and games start in September. We may be more excited than he is, but it is so good for him.

Eli starts swimming, too. This time, he will be on his own and we hope he will love it just as much as last time (with Ezra in his class)

We are enjoying the last days of summer and can't wait to go the State Fair. The boys have been asking about it since last year!!
Wishing there was more to update, but we've been keeping busy with the fullness of our lives.