Sunday, November 11, 2018

October- Where we partied all month long!

October was a month of non stop adventure and endless amounts of sugary sweets.
The first weekend of the month, I was able to visit my sister and her family in Utah. This was my first time traveling alone with a 15 month old. I had a handful of anxieties and panic attacks where I couldn't feel my hands or see straight, but made it out alive in the end. Isaac was out of control the entire flight there and back. I ran out of snacks to keep him happy and resorted to Altoids and suckers on the way back-- at one point, we lost a sucker. I was praying he didn't chuck it down the isle and it was stuck in some lady's hair-- thankfully it was found....stuck behind Isaac's ear. (I looked around after quickly removing it to make sure no one saw- I was such a mess the entire flight.) Lesson learned though. I will never fly alone with an infant in arms at 15 months and 30 lbs. 

Utah was a whirlwind. The main reason I was visiting was to do my sister's hair (perks, am I right?) and also to celebrate Phoebe's 2nd birthday and also to take family photos (none posted here- Can't spoil the fun for them) It was such a great time. Isaac was a handful- but he was also off schedule, without his brothers and teething. (Big time! 8 teeth!) They also have a beautiful big dog who was also like monster in the eyes of Isaac- so he has had better days. I can imagine it all being a nightmare for him now that I am replaying it in my mind.

Here are some photos of my time there. (I wish I had taken more photos and really kicking myself for not getting a single photo of my sister and I or of me with my niece and nephews-- goes to show what a quick weekend it was)

I  was able to snuggle in close with these cuties while I visited. We shared adventures through make believe stories and pretended to hear leaves falling off of far away trees because there was not a tree in sight. HA!  I am cherishing these photos as they are the ONLY ones I have with them.

Miss phoebe turned two. We had a "TWO-TWO (TU-TU) PARTY!" See our tutus? 
She danced all day long. She deserved it all the cute gifts and yummy treats. She is seriously the cutest thing to happen to the Durfeys.

After getting back, my mind was focused on another birthday party. This time for Ezra. We were planning a military themed 8th birthday for him. I asked Marshall to take on the games and fun while I planned the food , decorations, invites and other things. We pulled it off! This party was SO fun I literally want to do it all again but for adults.

We had it at our church building as there is endless amounts of space for kids and running around in the gym. There was tug o war, pin the medal on the soldier, arm wrestling, rescue the injured soldier, shooting practice and an amazing obstacle course that Marshall created. It was FUN!

I made a cake that looked like a tank! It was SO sugary and sweet but very good and the boys couldn't believe I had made it. (Thank you, Pinterest-- for everything!)

It was such a fun day and definitely will be hard to top! We have told our kids that they get a party when they are 8, and when it's their golden birthday. I cannot imagine throwing a party for every kid, every birthday. I don't know how some people have the energy for it! ( I have too many kids!:)

On Ezra's real birthday, he asked for French Silk pie- FINE BY ME! My favorite. Things escalated quickly when the boys realized that they could get artsy with the chocolate cream.
 ( I got to blow out some candles too as it was my birthday week, too! I turned 33! Marshall picked us up some dinner to go and we had a nice night in.)

Halloween night- Isaac was so happy to be able to walk the neighborhood streets with his brothers. We held tightly to his little hand, and he tried hard to keep up. The boys love running up to all the doors for candy-- sometimes forgetting their one job is to say "trick or treat"

Marshall and I also dressed up. Marshall is a the perfect shaggy and I was Velma- Marshall really carried our costume this year. He even shaved off his beard after a whole year. He nailed it this year. It is always so fun to play dress up and the kids loved seeing us get into character, too.

Ezra attended a birthday party for his buddy, Sam. He is so lucky to have Sam. They are days apart in age, both home school, both attend the home school co-op and are of the same faith. Such a wonderful blessing! They will be lifelong friends, I am sure.

Some photos I received while in Utah- Marshall really held down the fort while I was away. It was General conference weekend- which is when we, as member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints join together to listen to the words of our Prophet and Apostles via worldwide broadcast. The boys are seen here waiting to watch.

Looks like it was a nice fall day to take the boys to the park.

Here are some other random photos from my phone for the month of October

 Took a break from Social media- So refreshing. So needed and completely changed my perspective on how I use my time. I suggest it to anyone and everyone.

 (Finally- because I MISSED them!!  And was tired of my face! Love a change up!)

 Ezra's Birthday!
 Isaac- feeling like a big boy!
 Dropped the boys off for their Halloween piano recital. They had a blast.
 Give these boys fake mustaches and they can play for days,
 Ezra's hearing great these days! -- Listening is another story;)

We celebrated all the October Birthdays at Kelly's house where we had the most delicious barbacoa beef and guacamole. I'm still thinking about it.

Last, but definitely not least- Ezra was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was beyond prepared and so excited for his special day. He was surrounded by so many friends and family and felt so loved. I am excited to see him flourish and grow as a man of faith. His grandparents who are currently serving as missionaries in Kazakhstan, sent him his very first set of scriptures and he feels like the real deal, now.  He was so excited.