Monday, October 3, 2016

My Monday

It's been such a long time since I have actually attempted doing a Monday post, I made it a goal to do one today. I tried my best to pull out the camera and snap photos of the boys in their "natural states" 

I was up at 4:45- headed to the gym. On the way there, my contact was driving me nuts. As soon as I parked I pulled my contact out, flipped it around and put it back in. It went in easier than I thought it would, being in the dark and all... until I was working out and couldn't figure out why one eye was fuzzy.... I got home to try move my contact around and realized I was touching my eye ball and NO contact!! I lost my one and only contact. I have been needing to order  contacts and haven't and now I am stuck wearing glasses until I can get new contacts. Which is awesome. Eli was excited to see that I had glasses just like him today. This was a total Monday morning moment.

The boys were happy this morning. Thank heavens.
We had breakfast- played dress up, you know, the usual.

After Marshall leaves for work, I am able to get the boys settled enough to start our school day. It was a little rocky to get Ezra into the mood and I didn't push it. I never want him to feel like I am forcing him to do this.  We did some jumping jacks and even took a couple breaks to ease back into school after the weekend.

I had a client from 9-10:30 or so and the boys played downstairs nicely (surprisingly!) the entire time. It's nice when I can get a little work into our day.

We had a great day of learning. I prepared all of our worksheets, games and ideas for fun learning last night. Our letter today was X. We worked on math, counting by 2's and 5's. We dove into an incredible lesson on Noah- we made an arc out of snacks (the boys LOVED this!) I even put together a little flannel board of Noah and all the animals. Eli could have sat and played all day.

We have a pretty mandatory outside play time after lunch until "quiet time" and the boys were living it up! Ezra's engineer brain took total control trying to make a train system with the wagon to the little red trike. He hunted for sticks of the perfect size to fit into the holes to hook the wagon handle onto. I watched him create and experiment and try and try again. I loved how persistent he was. He soon realized that tying little ropes would probably work out a lot better than the stick and hole method. When he succeeded we all cheered! It was very exciting for everyone!

  When the excitement from the makeshift train wore off, They dug. They invited the world to dig with them and they all worked together for their simple cause. To dig and to get messy doing it. They enjoy sitting in the shady shadows of out backyard sitting on the cool, dirty ground. I am such a neat freak, but the joy it brings to their souls keeps my anxieties at bay. (somewhat)

After naps/quiet times, piano practice, toy clean up, uncle mike's haircut and dinner...
we had family home evening. Marshall asked Ezra to teach it. Ezra (reviewed) and taught us everything he learned about Noah and the arc. He is a sponge and remembered even the tiniest but such important aspects of it all. (I am proud teacher)

Afterwards, Marshall led the boys to the kitchen to make rice krispy bars. I love sitting these moments out and watching from the sidelines. The boys LOVE working along side their dad and making a special treat blows their minds.

It was a great way to start off the week! I am looking forward to a couple more sunny days to spend outside with the boys.  My house is messy from our day. Laundry to fold, school stuff to prepare. Here is to the week!

Happy October!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Fun Facts Friday:

Hello! We are a month into our homeschooling adventure and it's going well! I have had many days filled with chaos, doubt and frustration and other days filled to the brim with joy, adventure and heart swelling moments of learning successfully together. There have been more emergency phone calls to Marshall, usually with the theme of "What the H were we thinking?!" and always ending with, "Kristy, you are doing great! Give yourself some credit!" and then I take a nap and start over. I mean, seriously. Who out there homeschools their children  and is able to nap? Can you imagine how guilty I feel? Here is the deal. I nap, and my kids get a break from me. They need a break from me, just as much as I need a break from them. This is their uninterrupted, independent play time. The rules are: Don't wake up mom (unless there is a dire emergency) Don't you dare wake up Oliver, Don't hurt each other. Stay downstairs and for heaven sakes, Be quiet. I am the worst, right? Well, guess what?! I get a NAP! AND my kids are quiet! And they play! TOGETHER! So it is working! and it works for everyone! I should never feel guilty about that, right? But I do, because I am hard on myself. Regardless of how I feel about myself some days, I know we are doing the right thing by homeschooling, it has truly blessed our family in more ways than we can count already. I am so grateful to be able to do this.

Here are a couple Fun Facts!

- We put a bid on a home a couple weeks back. Didn't pan out, but that's okay! We aren't in a mad rush to move. We will pick up a more serious search in the spring when our schedules aren't so crazy.

- Ezra is in a fall soccer league and Eli's in swim. Both on Tuesday nights at the same time. You can imagine the crazy in our house on these nights.

- Ezra's really enjoying playing piano and even practices on his own. Our piano is setup downstairs and a lot of mornings, I am not able to be right next to him to help him. I have set up the baby monitor (I'm lazy/busy/genius) so I can hear him while I'm upstairs with Oliver. This way he can learn to practice on his own and I can make sure he is playing it correctly.

-Did I mention that I have been working with a personal trainer at the gym? It's been fun! I am learning a lot and getting stronger! I feel great!

-Fall is my absolute favorite season and we still haven't been to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch yet. It's killing me,

-We planned on heading to the science museum on Monday. I packed the kids up, had lunches set and even picked up a friend. The museum was closed. We ended up at the Mall Of America instead. The boys were totally bummed to miss the science museum, but were excited to ride some rides and play legos at the mall. I made it a "lego learning day" we watched the lego documentary when we got home and made lego creations.

- Oliver is so big! He had his 18 month appointment. He is a little over 32 inches tall and a little more than 25 lbs. He is sturdy and happy.  He is starting to to pick up a couple words. He can confidently say , Hi, Bye, UH oh, "got it (gah ih)" Ma, da, and points and grunts to all sorts of things. He is the happiest running free outside.

-Marshall is slowly starting to gear up for the swim season and this year, I am going to embrace it. It is tough when he is away, but I can handle it.

There really hasn't been that many exciting things happening over here, but it is still good to jot it all out to come back and look at.

We are looking forward to being together as a family and watching general conference.

Here are some recent photos from my phone.

Oliver carries this little can of corn all around the house.
Loving lego land at the MOA
Embracing independence.
The boys have all tried to find the secret key to our credenza. Oliver is taking his turn.
I dare you to try and take these glasses off of Oliver's face.
Oliver recently had his very first Haircut in the salon. Cape on and everything.
A few weeks ago,we ventured out to the Nature Center and had a blast. We "put our ears on" to listen to all the sounds that nature can make and put our "lookers" on to see all the beautiful things there is to see.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

First Days of Homeschool:

I tried  (not too hard) to make their first day of home school special. I put a table cloth on the table. I picked up donuts on the way home from the gym. I suprised them with a fun time capsule worksheet and we filled them out and stuck them in a special place until the end of the year. I even took the obligatory "First day of.." picture on the front step.

We played in the costume bin and worked on our school work as "tigger"  and "Elmo" and embraced the freedom of being in costume because we are at home and we can!

We had an awesome lesson on Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden. This is their interpretation of the garden of Eden. Then we had a puppet show and even made a video.
On Thursdays, Ezra attends a homeschool co-op. He is able to sit in real classes (music,art,cooking and gym) and have lunch with his new friends. This is good for all of us! 

We have gotten into a wonderful routine. We start right away in the morning. 6:30-9:30 we have breakfast, "circle time"-we sing a couple songs, have a scripture/devotional, letter of the day, talk about the weather and the days of the week, count and work on patterns. We move into a grammar lesson, and math. We have great curriculum that we are using and the boys actually look forward to their work because it is wacky, interesting and super fun and informative. The rest of the day is free learning. We may go on field trips, learn from everyday experiences, playtime and a latter day learning lesson (Another AWESOME religious curriculum). This schedule has been really ideal for us.
We are trying to get as much of our outside play time in as possible before it gets cold. Ezra has been a good helper to Oliver. Oliver loves to eat dirt and would lay in it all day if we let him. Oliver has been the trickiest while doing school. We have to keep him pretty busy with his own things so he doesn't sabotage or distract learning time for his brothers.

We have all been pretty exhausted from all the learning. Our brains are getting buff and I found both the boys like this on the same day. Its a lot of work to take in so much information! 

So far, it's been exhausting but fun! We feel very fortunate to be together at home to learn. I am sure we will all learn so much in our journey of homeschooling.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Mn State Fair:

We wait all year for the state fair. We love it!

We ate a ton! We walked even more! Every year it gets a lot more fun with the boys. They are able to do more than the year before and they remember all the things that they loved.

Oliver is always such a good sport being in the stroller, he never really got to run free with all the people, and he didn't complain once.

Ezra went down the giant slide all on his own and he did great! It took him a little while to pump himself up to do it, but he did it!

Marshall was really excited for the boys to go to the home depot stand. They built their own little bird houses and did an awesome job!

Every year we are able to visit our friend's horse, Jackie. She is a beauty and was so patient with all of us. We got all the boys on her back and hurried fast to take a photo. Ezra was the most scared, Oliver loved it!!

We survived another year with the whole family and can't wait to go back next year!