Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beautiful Mommy--What a JOKE!

Forget bedtime stories featuring "Winnie the Pooh" or "The Cat in the Hat"; one new children's book stars mommy — and her new nose job.
"My Beautiful Mommy," written by Florida-based plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer, is billed by its author as the first book that explains plastic surgery to kids, an issue with which he says many of his patients struggle.
"More than half the women that come in for procedures bring their children with them," he said. "And most parents go into denial about the surgery with regard to their children."
"My Beautiful Mommy" focuses on a mother explaining an impending nose job and tummy tuck to her young daughter, who is scared that her mommy may look different. Mommy also undergoes a breast enhancement in the book, a fact depicted only through the illustrations so as not to get too graphic for child readers.
While some may jump to say that any tale about cosmetic surgery — breast, nose or tummy — isn't appropriate reading material for young kids, many members of the plastic surgery community are welcoming the new-age bedtime story. Some say they just wish they'd thought of the book idea first.
***What has this world come to!
I am so sad to know that Beautiful children are going to be questioning if their looks are ok or not, based on their parents example. When mothers will be reading their children this silly book to explain to them that "mommy" was unhappy with how she looked... so she changed it. I cannot imagine the insecurities these children will face later down the road.
Like children these days need another thing to tear at them and bring them down.
This is a real issue, and it makes me sad, sometimes I wonder if people understand that their decisions do affect others lives an extraordinary amount.
But someday down the road, mommys nose she got fixed will be on her daughter, and maybe she will break her daughter down enough to wear daughter might feel like she needs a nose job too. It's then, justified.
I think it's Stupid and Sad.