Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How Goush

Seriously... I hate it when people talk about their money.

Especially when they talk about how much they have. Constant reference to the material things they have, and what designer it is. NO ONE CARES. In fact, you missed it, they just pulled their rolling-eye muscle when you just mentioned the name. Please, keep it to yourself.

Please, for the sake of all around you. Do not tell others stories of others whos may tell you that you have alot of money, I can't even begin to explain how incredibly tacky that looks.

Everyday I hear people brag about how much their new shoes were, how expensive their handbag is.

It surprises me how the economy sinks and sinks, and people still find a way to brag about how much they spend, and how much they make. Little do they know, the closest people around them may be struggling the most, and you just broke their heart.