Monday, May 12, 2008

I am the Villain

Let me just explain a couple things. I work at Twiggs salon in Wayzata, Mn.
The salon was recently on the reality show Split Ends, which is on the Style network. The show is basically the Hair Stylists version of "Wife Swap" where two polar opposites swap salons for a week to see what it's like in an enviroment unlike anything they are used to. Well, The owner of Twiggs, Shauna Raisch,(my boss) was sent to Goodyear, AZ. (Where ever that is) and in return, we were sent Krisanna Conrad, an overly confident, spoiled, immature, 21 year old Broad.I wasn't thrilled about her to say the least. She looked like a mess from the beginning, and never once represented herself appropriately. I feel like I had stood my own, and said what I thought of her. What the show doesn't show viewers, is the truth. I am the Villain in the show. Because I didn't approve of her immaturity and I didn't cater to her needs, what you also don't know as you watch the show, is that it IS scripted from day One. Myself and the others cast member were prompted every step of the way, through out shooting.Nothing is "REALITY" if there is Editing involved.. seriously.
As far as Comments from Shauna?.. They were taken out of Context, which is no excuse really, because she did say them. We are taking it as it is.And Sure, Yes, the weight comments were completely inappropriate, and to be honest, I am dissappointed by them...
Needless to say.. As we were shooting the show, I did get irritated by Krisanna and Yes,I did yell at her. Sure. She didn't do ONE thing we asked of her the. whole week she was there, Anyone else probably would have respected us a little bit or at least Humored us. She didn't know how to execute the appropriate color technique and threw a fit, being hung over as she was, and dramatic, she dropped to her knees, popped her tylenol and yelled from the floor. I had it at this point. I was like you have got to be kidding me, this girl is a joke! She needs to Grow up and try something different, something out of the little box she lives in. I did say "Get up off your knees! Pop your pills, and get over there and mix your color!" I really was mad. She asked for it, She was just mad because no one has ever stepped up to her before, and she didn't get her way.. so she pouted, acted like a child and she didn't return to the salon for the rest of the day.
Now, why am I the Villain? Why am I hated by the Viewers? I would honestly like to know what others thought of Krisanna's Behavior, Why is she coming out smelling like a rose? Is it because the people who actually respond to those Message boards are trash like her? I am not like how they protray me to be. It was the most Hilarious show I've seen. I am really good at being the Villan, It's crazy to me how Type Cast I am. In Highschool I always played the Villain.
I guess It's rooted deep in