Monday, June 16, 2008

Best WEEKEND EvEr!**

Seriously, I had the best weekend Ever! I took Friday and Saturday off, and was able to finally enjoy the outdoors! We started off my long weekend by going to the one and only Valley Fair! We started off by hitting the "scrambler" to get our stomaches ready for the rest of the day, we went on everything we wanted plus some, until I went on the "Enterprise" on an empty stomache.... whoa, doggie! Wasn't feeling good, we packed lunches so by that point we needed to eat anyway.. I had half a bag of fruit snacks, and half a pb&j and some doritos and still couldn't believe that's all I could put down, I was really not feeling well.. I took a nap in the backseat of the Wagon.. While Marshall read through the complete Valley Fair Map/Brochure and people watched. Lucky. We headed back in, 2nd round. Just as fun. We ended our stay with the "Wild Thing" one of my all time favorite rides, except it was sooooo windy. I had to cover my eyes so my contacts didnt dry out.I know I am a giant nerd. You should have seen me. Anyways, the next day was even better! We went to the Minnesota ZOO! I've never been there, I can't believe I have never been there! We went to a Dolphin Show, and a Bird Show, and walked around alot, we had some hot dogs.... best waffle fries ever had in my life! ... saw some Bears, really upclose too! We ended our beautiful day by walking through the Butterfly exhibit, I love butterflies. We headed home, and once we got there we snoozed for about half hour or so, then, we headed over to Centennial Lakes, Marshall and I rented a paddle boat for 6 $! I loved it, I was having so much fun, it really was the best day ever. Later on, we had some peppermint bon-bon ice cream and watched a great LDS movie, "The best 2 years" and watched the lightning light up the sky over my deck. I love my life, and I loved my weekend. Now what am I going to do all summer!?