Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer.. If only I could enjoy it.

Recently, I have been itching to get outside. I love nothing more than basking in the beautiful sun, having to squint my eyes to keep them from melting, and not a care in the world if I get wrinkly early. As much as I loathe that outside stink smell, I secretly love being a little stinky.(only if whoever I am with is stinky too, it's only fair.)

At the salon where I work, and spend almost All of my time, there are no windows. It's basically like a cave, or a garage, or what I like to call it, a "Torture Chamber" It makes me sad to know that behind those dreadful gray walls, there is laughter and enjoyment, while I sit in my own pathetic work place.


I am grateful for the few weekends I decided to take off and My boyfriend and I are going to enjoy them outside. These are our plans so far, I cannot wait! Hopefully in 2 weeks we will be going to ValleyFair!... so Trashy, but I freaken Love Rollercoasters.. Maybe the ZOO, I haven't been in years, thinking about it makes me ecstatic. Centennial Lakes, one of our most favorite places, super cheap mini golf, and beautiful classical music pathways.. and motorboats, and paddle boats. .. In July my favorite sisters, (my only sisters) are coming home. I CAN'T WAIT! Not too many people on my father's side has met D.J., My sister's Husband, so it sounds like my mother is throwing a July 4th, Welcome to the Family Party.

It will be October when I get my next couple days off, and that's my birthday weekend. I can't plan that far ahead, for personal reasons.. but I'm thrilled to see what happens until then.

So, regardless of the exciting plans I have for a couple weekends this summer, you can find me indoors, maybe reading, maybe daydreaming.. but most of all, wishing I could enjoy the summer like a careless child again.