Saturday, December 20, 2008

I am a married Woman.

wHoA. So it's been a long time since I have blogged and realized, wow, I kinda like doing this, I am going to make this my new years resolution. I am going to have one of those sweet blogs where I post pictures, and captions and sound all super intelligent and traveled. When in all actuallity, I am maybe neither of those things. But I try. -- and my blog will make people think that I am.

So what? I am married now. I am a married Woman. I love saying that. I feel like I am in a soap opera every time the words utter my mouth. I don't why I actually keep saying though. I feel like I might just be reminding myself, because these last so many months were such a blurrrrr.

Marshall and I were sealed Nov. 1 in the St. Paul Temple. It was wonderfully sweet and memorable. The dinner and reception was awesome. Everyone said the food was great, and I really wish I could have has some. (Stupid recieving lines.) I am kidding. It was a beautiful night.

Marshall and I then went to superior shores resort in Two Harbors, for our honeymoon. We lucked out with the weather, it was pretty nice considering it was November and Minnesota is notorious for blizzards and such at that time of year. We walked the shore, we traveled to light houses, took pictures, because really thats all we could do, everything was closed for the season.. blahh. We made some steaks, that was fun. And had a "Rocky" Marathon. It was on all week.

Now, as we have settled in to our new little home,I have found how much I love being a wife, and being married. Now that I am married, I know that this is what is supposed to happen. This is real. A husband and wife together, I am not going to get all Propsition 8 on you or anything, I just really feel happy about how my life has fallen into place.

I have enjoyed searching new recipes, and cooking them up, I love the surprise tastes and smells that fills our home. I am enjoying having someone here with me all the time actually. I only lived by myself for the last 5 years, it is nice to have someone to do everything with.

I plan on keeping the married thing up.

I plan on blogging more this year.

I also plan on having things to blog about...

I plan on sounding like we have a life.


Whats your new years resolution??