Saturday, February 28, 2009

And we slow danced in the kitchen...

These past couple weeks have been a pure test of our relationship and our journey through this life together.
I have watched our lives mesh together almost in slow motion daily as we learn and grow together on how we can be more supportive, more tender, more patient, more kind, more supportive,...etc.
We ready ourselves for my new business to start. I start this Tuesday, and the plan Today (Saturday) was to pick up all my product, (color, equipment,supplies,etc) and drop them at the salon (Phatchellies) so all I needed to do on Tuesday was show up and start. Needless to say, that didn't happen. Instead we ate Macaroni and cheese and hotdogs for lunch, (my favorite) while all the beauty supplies closed up early for the day. Unfortunatley we were unaware of that fact and drove around for almost 2 hours trying to find one that was open.--- We gave up,both frustrated and cranky and stopped at the grocery store to pick up a couple odds and ends for the upcoming week and headed straight home.

Marshall hopped on his computer and started on his resume, as I meandered around our little house. I polished our furniture, washed and put away the dishes, washed the laundry, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed and even started our dinner. Of course as I traipsed throughout the house I couldn't help but bothering Marshall with my little silly questions about the most random things. I had a cd playing that my little sister made for me in trade for doing her hair and one of my new favorite songs started.

I felt like today Marshall and I needed to dance. So I asked him, He of course looked up from his work and said,"of Course." We then slow danced in our 50 year old Kitchen. (Flightless Bird, American Mouth-Iron and Wine) I shut my eyes as we swayed back and forth hand in hand. I could feel tears swelling up underneath my eyelids- We sometimes need to dance, dance off our stress, dance off our fear, dance off our impatience, ignorance,hatred,frustration, and all other evils that tear us down every moment they approach us.

As our bodies continued to sway with the music I could feel the warmth of Marshalls chest bounce off mine, and I felt as though all the stresses of life lift from both of us at that very moment. The song finished, we of course released eachother from our grip and returned back to our tasks. As I walked away, I smiled and batted my eyes from any weepy tear that could escape.

I could see any couple potentially lose grip of the other if they aren't swaying together on the same beautiful beat life plays. One must lead, and the other must follow directly otherwise you both stumble. Of course, you both giggle or shake heads at the other, but then it takes a moment to pick up where you left off.

We needed to dance.
We need to continue to dance.