Thursday, February 19, 2009


Lately, I have been sleeping so well. So soundly. Consequently, I have been having the most vivid dreams. From what I can recall, last night I dreamed that I was barefoot and walking in the woods with my little sister. It was a sweet dream, sweeter than usual, because only the night before last I had a scary dream about a ghost who smelt like fish, his name was 'Iverson'. (Still trying to figure out what it means.)- But in my dream last night, I was walking around in the woods barefoot, and singing. Not only was I singing, I was actually creating a song, a jingle if you will. It rhymed and it was beautiful. I hate that I cannot remember anything of what it was, because I remember feeling so accomplished about this song or jingle. The words were like fluid, they moved together so perfect and the sound that escaped me was smooth. Actually when I woke up Marshall said I was making some funny noises in my sleep, nothing smooth or fluid like at all. More like grunting and gurgling. -- Needless to say I was a little dissapointed. I always hope I am able to let a little of my dreams escape me throughout the night so at least Marshall can tell me what the song was like, or what I was rhyming.

It was a beautiful song.

The sun shined effortlessly through the trees and leaves crunched underneath my bare feet, I was wearing cut off shorts, and a basic tshirt, and my sister was wearing a little sundress, and we were both singing this song.... I can no longer hear it, I can't even remember what it was about. But I can feel in my heart the absolute beauty of the moment.

It is weird how dreams can sometimes only leave you an unexplainable feeling deep inside you and nothing else.

That in itself is beautiful.