Sunday, February 8, 2009

So.. Everyone and their mother has facebook now...

So, Like many people, I, Myself, have a facebook. But... seriously, this is getting almost weird. Everyone in my ward, (congregation) has one. EVERYONE. I logged into my facebook account a couple evenings ago, and I had 7 friend requests, One of whom was the bishops wife! I was like, "this is so crazy!" I can't believe what a rage this has become.

I was telling Marshall that now that I have become "friends" with some people from the congregation, I have noticed their smiles are different-- like they know too much now or something... because I am sure they are all spying on Marshall and my facebook pages, because of course there are photos, notes... and everything else facebook gets out of people. -- so I guess I just busted everyone for spying on me and Marshall, but whatever. We are pretty awesome. -- I don't blame half of you for wanting to be our "friends"--

This is pretty exciting though, I must say. In a world like todays, it is nice to have a large network of friends,coworkers and of course family close, to share all the special and not specials events in your life. I love how if I am having a crappy day. I can simply put in my status bar, KRISTY IS__________ (Having a crappy day) and immediately there are responses on my wall, ie; "Is everything ok??".. or "Whats going on?".. or "want to talk??".. " Are you pregnant?"... and whatever else. It's almost a little uncanny. I mean. I guess we are all guilty. We are the ones exploiting ourselves on these blog sites and such. Showing, sharing, and telling the world all our secrets. But, I love it. I freakin love it! It is so fun. I am guilty of spying on people's page, so what, they put it on there, I am going to double click on their funny posts and pictures, that is what they want right??

Well, since I exploited Marshall in my last post it is only fair to do the same for myself, and since I just ranted on about Facebook, this is one of those things that facebook of course got me to do.

25 randoms about me.

1.It may not show on the surface, but I am incredibly passionate about life and the way I live it.

2. I love my religion, it is why I am happy.

3.From the first words Marshall spoke, I knew I would be with him forever.

4. I have always thought that I would publish a book before I die.

5. I tried out for American Idol a couple years ago, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

6.I have lived two lives--one that hurts to remember.

7.I have been in love more than once.

8. After reading The Twilight series, I believe there is this secret world we don't know about, I am constantly looking into people's eyes wondering if they could be a vampire..

9. I miss my cats Bernie and Betty, I have their picture on the screensaver of my phone...

10. I laugh at myself all.the.time.

11. I have holes in my socks that I dont want to come to terms to. I would rather spend money on Anthropolgie pieces.

12. My husband and I live religiously by notes and lists.

13. I will never.have.a.van. Only VW wagons! I will fight to the death.

14.I have always wanted to be a lead singer in a band.

15.I hate sharing money.

16. My uncle shawn taught me the "pull my finger bit" and will never forget how funny it was. I was 5.

17. I purchased a really nice camera last year and I am still learning how to use it.

18.My new years resolution was to sew 3 pieces, skirts mainly. ( I need a sewing machine...)

19. I can't wait to be a mother.

20. Cooking is my new Hobby, I don't think I have failed yet.

21. I love having people over for dinner.

22. I sometimes hate how loyal I am.

23. I wll always order the Tremendous twelve from Perkins, and maybe A piece of french silk-(my

24. My sisters are my best friends.

25. I have always thought my life has been like the Truman Show, I sometimes want to spin around with my arms up, screaming nothings into the sky, --- is this all happening?! WhY! -- And then I realize, there is a Director(God), and a Producer(Jesus) and a whole camera crew in the midst, (Family and friends) watching my every move and making sure I dont forget my lines, because I promised I wouldn't let them down....

----Other randoms.
* I don't want to live in Minnesota forever.
*I have been entering a sweepstakes to win a dream home.
*I am a perfectionist about my work.
*My home cannot be clean enough
*My home is my safe place, you will always find me there.
* I want to travel the world