Monday, March 23, 2009

Check your pockets.

There are moments in your life that you never want to forget, you want to keep them close to your heart, forever. You may never want that moment to end but as life goes on, you seem to push that moment back, not for forever, but just for a little while. And then, as life moves a little faster, a little farther away from that special moment, the moment becomes hazy, and is replaced by even better, more special moments. But these moments are different, maybe not "more" special, or better in any sense, but for that special moment in your life, maybe at a praticular time, this special moment, lesson, person, whatever it might be may have changed or impacted your life in more ways than you can express.

"Don't forget to check your pockets"

This unusual phrase kept running through my mind this past weekend. I kept associating this simple phrase to moments in our lives where we may put in our pockets because we want to save them for later, or save them to put in a special spot, or save them because that is the leftover we have from a certain experience.
If you are like me, you put things in your pockets, forget they are there, and then, when you put your pants on again, reach into your pockets and find whatever treasure was left in there previously, then you are searching through your brain trying to remember where whatever was in your pocket came from, and not really caring because you are so pleased to have found it.

How often do you reach into your "pockets" to find something that isn't there, but you could have sworn you put it there? How often do you reach into your "pockets" and find something you had no idea was there?

Life is amazing, life is filled with opportunities, and people, and teachings that impact our lives perfectly.

I look back and see how I have evolved into the person I am at this moment. I see what wondrous things that were poured evenly throughout my course of life. Not all situations were rainbows, and daisies, but they were seeds planted in a wild garden that only I can smell.

There are people that have played a wild course in my life, and I have put them in my pockets, not forget about them, but to save them and cherish them, so when I am ready to pull them out again, I can smile and remember what a special piece they played in my game.

I hope you all check your pockets before you ball them up and throw them in a corner.--

Or not, but whatever you do. Don't be tempted to cut those pockets out.--- because no matter how hard you try, you will always forget they are cut, and when you try to put something in them, they just fall through.

Ps. Isn't it a sick joke when you buy an article of clothing and the pockets are sewn shut. Always makes me sad to think that there are people that just don't need pockets... think about it.