Monday, March 9, 2009

Dear Diary,

I had an interesting dream again last night, this one I will keep to myself. I woke up early and was on a mission. As soon as Marshall woke up I hurried getting ready and tried to scurry out the door to run an errand. Instead he decided he was going to come along. He threw on some jeans that hung over our black iron foot board and his college sweatshirt and we drove to the store where we picked up some powdered doughnuts and some scrubbers,because today I was going to clean our 5o year old oven--.

Once we got home I looked around at our tiny living room and decided it needed an update so I moved the furniture around. I tried to keep the flow of the room, while hoping to keep the coziness it had before. Then I got going on that oven, P.U. It stunk, I was coughing and my eyes were watering, I don't even want to know the last time it has been cleaned. I wasn't able to get it as clean as I wished, but it was so much better than before.

I then, decided to rearrange our little master 'suite' It's a very small room, with not a whole lot going for it. I keep looking for some art pieces and decor for our robins egg walls but I am so picky and haven't been happy with much that I have seen, so they are still pretty bare. So far I have tried to encapsulate a vintage feel with the color of the walls, the black iron bed, and the shadow box on the wall. I also have a dress form that I have pinned pictures onto while my scarves are wrapped ferociously around her neck.
I decided to angle the bed in the corner for now. I read in a Feng Shui article that is the worst way to have your bed place in a room, that it needs a stable wall behind your head and soft corners around you as you sleep. PiSh PoSh. I like it for now.
For lunch, I sipped on MUG root beer and left over chili---

I am trying to master my camera. I haven't quite figured out all the bells and whistles to it. I don't even actually know where the owners manual is for it. I just move the settings around until I like how it looks and 1.2.3 cheese for the picture.

Marshall worked on our taxes this afternoon, he seemed stressed about that, doing it himself and all. I think it is great he is trying to figure it out on his own. He is such a brain. I hate stuff like that, I would willingly pay someone to do it for me, I just want to know what I get back from State or Federal, or what I owe.(EeeeK)

I still plan on cleaning out our dresser drawers and refolding the clothes in there. I have somehow jammed all of my belongings in the drawers so tightly I can't even open them-- it's embarrassing. Marshall was asked to play on a soccer team tonight as a fill in. I might just get it done then.

Marshall said that we could maybe paint our bathroom next week. I am SO excited, I hope we do, I have the perfect color picked out! I will definitely keep you all posted.

For any guys that seemed to be mesmerized by this post, I apologize, you probably feel like less of a man.

For any women, welcome to my world. I am sure you can relate today.

Marshall took this picture of me, while figuring out my camera.

This is supposed to be what my new hair is supposed to be like. I always try to follow her haircuts, I feel like we have the same face shape. This is a great tip to all those who are unsure about new looks, if you have a round face, pear shaped face, heart shaped,diamond shaped, oval or oblong-- take a look at celebrities who have similar face shapes and keep up to date on their hair styles. There is nothing wrong with following what they do.

My wedding ring, Marshall picked out all by himself, It is stunningly beautiful.

I thought this was a nice photo.

Some more practice shots with the ole' camera

Here is our little living room.-- All rearranged.