Wednesday, March 18, 2009

God is A Noun, and Not a Verb.

I am almost finished with this book, The Shack, By Wm. Paul Young.
(Where Tragedy confronts Eternity)

This is a story of a man who's youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacation and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack. Four years later in the midst of his great sadness, he receives a suspicious note apparently from God, inviting him back to that shack for the weekend.


This story (fictional) is wonderful. I was told that this book was "life changing" and "spiritually enlightening."

I feel as though I am no more changed in reading this, then I am while sitting in fast and testimony meeting every first sunday of the month. This story focuses completely in the relationship that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit have one with another and how completely unified they are. That I have always been very fascinated in, their relationships one with another... I have always wanted to know so much about the relationship that they have. I have found through my marriage only in these past couple months, how crucial a "unified relationship" is. The "marriage" between Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit is something we should all strive to have in our daily lives, not only with our significant others, but with all of those around us. We must continue to strive to love, and serve all those that surround us.
In this Story, as Mackenzie stands alone infront of Heavenly Father,Jesus Christ and the spirit, (all protrayed in different ways we would ever imagine) He explains how while standing in the midst of them, he feels as though the walls are hugging him, the sweet smell and smooth voices as they speak one with another, He spoke of how they communicated with eachother. He notices immediately, the honor, respect, and obedience to one another, He could feel the love.
While reading this book, so many thoughts have gone through my mind, I imagined myself in Mack's shoes, imagining receiving a letter from God, asking him to meet me somewhere. Then, while showing up, meeting him and His son, Jesus Christ, while the Spirit, of course, never leaving my side. I imagine, the sound, the smell, the way their faces look, I imagine the words that they may first say. I wonder how I will feel, if I feel surrounded in nothing but love, or if I feel guilt, for knowing, that they know everything.
---I love to imagine these moments, it always helps me get back on the course I need to be on to be more like Them.

There is a moment in the story where he (Mack) is lead by the Spirit to a garden, immediately Mack notices what a 'mess' the garden is, no rhyme or reason, no flow or order. But he notices the beauty, the color, the flowers, and greenery overlapping one with another, and couldn't help but stare in a awe of the wonder of it all. The spirit later tells him, that is the symbolism of his soul.-- That maybe it is a mess, that he and The spirit have been working hard with a purpose in his heart. And it is wild and beautiful and perfectly in process.-- I wonder what our soul must look like, if it would be like this garden, full of wild, unorderly greenery, or if there would be perfectly paved trails,one to another with unexplainable beauty.

Mack has an opportunity to walk with Jesus across the water. He immediately doubts that he will be stable enough to do what Jesus can do, but as Jesus reassures him that he is right by him, he effortlessly finds himself on top of the water, walking alongside Christ. -- Later, he needs to get back to the otherside and starts to head toward the water, steps in, and water rises to his ankles,takes another step and it rises to his knees. Mack had started his walk without Jesus, so he was sinking in the water. Once Jesus was right along side him, He immediately felt the water under his feet and it was as though he was walking on cement. He notices how without Jesus along side his every decision, every action he will sink, that the water may rise, maybe a little higher, and it would be harder for him to move. But as soon as he invites Christ to walk along side him, he can walk with ease.
How often do with invite Christ to walk along side us with every decision and move that we make in our lives?

I am happy to know that because of my faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ, I was able to appreciate this story, and the symbolic nature of it. I don't feel like this was any more life changing for me, because I have already alligned my life in a way that will help me reach that relationship that I strive for everyday with God, and Jesus Christ.