Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Arm Full of Chimp

Last night, I dreamt again, this time something so personal. It touched my heart and imprinted on it something beautifully hopeful.

As these visions danced hard beats upon my eyelids, my mind created only stories for me to tell my fellow "followers"

It went

It was a usual Sunday afternoon, I walked into the chapel of my church, found a somewhat empty pew. In this bench was our 'home teacher' and his wife, and instead of his children, they had baby chimpanzees, one was about 3 years of age, and one was just a baby. As I scooted into my place next to the family, I was handed the baby chimp. Being somewhat confused I stared long at my arm full but continued to rock it as if it were a 'real' baby.

But as odd as this may sound, this wasn't the thing that made my 'interesting dream,' - interesting.

What touched me, was what happened next. This particular Sunday, was the first Sunday or the month, which means, it is "Fast and Testimony" meeting.

As I sat with the baby chimp in my arms, rocking it to sleep, I looked around.

My baby sister was standing at the podium. She was bearing her testimony. Her hair, sandy brown and in a bob. Her skin was glowing, and he white shirt was blinding. I couldn't help but be completely filled with unexplainable emotion. (My baby sister hasn't been to church in quite a while... and seems to have a shaken testimony.) I remember being unable to believe what I was seeing, I searched the room in my dream, looking for confirmation to see if this was indeed real.
Then...I saw something... More glorious, and more beautiful than what stopped my heart from beating just moments before...

I saw my father, only rows away, tears streamed from his puffy eyes. He was touched by the words of my baby sister. And I was touched by watching it all. (My father is not a member of the church, he doesn't understand much of it at all, nor does he have the least bit of interest.- Although, I have always had hope for him.)

I stared blankly at my father as I listened to my sisters words fill the room, his tears seemed to have shaken his whole body, being completely over whelmed with emotion. I then saw my grandmother, (his mother) walk up behind my dad and rest her hand on his shoulder. This was such a special moment.

I then glanced across the room once again, noticing that behind my sister was a line of others waiting to bear their testimony. In the developing line, I recognized friends of mine, from years past...

All of these people had taken a liking,a loving, to this new and everlasting gospel,
and for some reason, it felt to me like I had played a large part in that.

As I swayed back in forth with the chimp in my arms, the warmth of my smile slowly awoke me from my dream.