Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Forget closing your eyes...

I am usually so excited to sleep, to dream, to end up in some other part of my make believe worlds. But Lately, I close my eyes, and there is nothing, just black. An inky black veil that never drapes open, not even for the slightest tease of something that could make my heart pitter, or patter. Needless to say, I've been disappointed when I have woken up from my slumber. Usually my dreams instill some sort of stamp on my heart where I can pretend that whatever happens in my dreams is/could be real.
( Last night I dreamt that I was wearing a big black top hat. I am not sure why, but when I woke up, smiled and told Marshall about it. He just laughed and said, "Joke's on you."--- Funny. Because Joke is on me. Why would I dream that? I love it. )

One of my most favorite artists of all time, Salvador Dali once said,

"...just because I don't know the meaning of my art, does not mean it has no meaning..."
—Salvador Dalì

(It has been said that his dreams inspired most of his art.)

I love that quote, because sometimes we don't know the meaning to somethings, but it doesn't mean there isn't a meaning to why it is what it is.


Think of all of life's gifts, I don't think I have the capacity to understand the half of what we have and why we have it.

It rocks my world thinking about it.