Monday, April 27, 2009

I love your Beard the Most

Today was the day. Marshall has been planning this day for a little while now.

He decided that since it was getting a little warmer that he would shave his beard.
This is a very sad time for me, because I love that beard. I have grown so close to it, it has almost become a part of me. His buddies and him had a "Beard-OFF" at work in November '07, He has won and flaunted his "trophy" around since.

I love that beard.

Needless to say. I am sad.

Let me introduce you to the Beard Killer- the weapon. 15 year old, Duct taped clipper.



More During...

After...TA DA!! Looks Better than I ever (remembered) imagined!

I dedicate this song to Marshall AND his Beard. My Loves.