Friday, April 3, 2009

One outfit- 5 Days straight.

This past week, Marshall studied for the LEED exam, if he passes, he is then LEED AP certified and he gets to put that after his name. He studied religiously 12 hours everyday this week allowing only a lunch break a small dinner break and bathroom trips. I was annoying this week. REALLY annoying, I have been home more often due to my new and amazing schedule so I couldn't help but pop in the room and want to chat while he is studying. I can't help it. But when Marshall studies he is a one.track.mind. he is a "crazy man" (I kept saying) His eyes are wild, his fists are in perma-clench and his outfit, is the same as the day before,.. and the day before... and (depending on the day), the day before. I couldn't help but laugh because last night right before we went to bed he storms through the hall with his wild eyes he says, "I am afraid to sleep."--- He was scared all the knowledge, all the words he repeatedly read and said over and over and over out loud were going to get lost in the inky black veil that I spoke of in my previous post. I kept reassuring him that what he knows now, is what he will know when he takes the test.
He was very nervous about it. I always have faith in my Marshall, he is so intelligent and I am so proud of all he accomplished.

This post is for him.
Because of all his studying...He Passed!

Love you Marshall. You are so Smart.

Congrats on becoming Marshall Abrahamson LEED AP

P.s. Marshall,I moved your Test score from under your pillow to safer location.

* Marshall passed with an amazing 95%-- 189/200!!! WOOOWOO!! I am so Proud!