Saturday, May 23, 2009

Admiration + Vocal Disability

There was a time when I could open my mouth and perfect tone would spill out and fill the empty air.

Now, as my vocal cords have hugged themselves tight for the past couple years, I can't seem to break them from their grasp.

Regardless of this,I have been singing. more than I normally do.

Folk songs. Spanish songs. love songs. hip hop songs.classic musical(s)songs. --any song(s)

*Marshall has been recently asking me to sing to him, he says it "soothes" him. But then, ironically, whenever I seem to start, he joins in almost two times louder and with much more exuberance- he has even dabbled in his vibrato and I think his falsetto has been tapped. I usually stop. Let him rock out and then walk slowly away smiling.

I don't think he is aware of the beauty of this. I love when he sings.

There are these sweet moments we are able to share, when no one is watching. These are my favorite. I am sometimes extremely closed off and shy in certain circumstances and situations. ie; I never dance in public. I never have, and never will.

In fact. When I do dance, It is a joke. and because I "joke" dance so often, I don't even know what it is like to "really" dance. But I admire all those who can leave there chairs at wedding receptions and hit the dance floor. Usually when the lights dim and others begin to flood the floor it is suddenly time to leave.

Marshall always wants to dance. He is actually really good. He sometimes lets me stand on the top of his feet as he sways both of us from side to side.

Have you ever admired someone so much? My heart swells with nothing but love and Admiration for this man.

I love him.

He is better at Dancing than me, (of course).

But I also think he is becoming a better singer-- and I thought for sure that was something I would always have over him.