Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Borrowing is fine

I love new things. I love the smell, the feel, the look, the sound of anything new.

Because of our "situation" we don't really get too many "new" things.

In fact, this past weekend, Marshall and I decided to move our small living room around (again) Simply because, it feels like something "New" But because we made this change, we had to move the television, across from where it normally lives.

Doing this made us question whether or not we need to watch it, because with it being moved to a new home, we would no longer have reception, it would be a "movies-only" Television. We decided together that since American Idol was over (and our favorite Kris Allen won) we no longer needed to watch television,(ever again)-- Just kidding.

These past couple days have been lovely. Marshall and I have been suddenly forced to pay undivided attention to each other, consequently, we have been falling in love with each other over and over again, simply because it is almost all we can do.

We went to the library this morning and picked up some books. I love the library. This will probably be one of our most visited locations these next couple months, and I am absolutely ok with that.

Keeping myself entertained will be easy with the books I picked up.
Here is what I stumbled upon.

Naked- David Sedaris

Keep your Brain Alive- Lawrence C. Katz, Ph. D.& Manning Rubin

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success- Deepak Chopra

blink- Malcolm Gladwell

These should keep me busy for the next two weeks. I have already dove into them.

Marshall has started, once again, his Lord of the Rings series.I try not to tease him about his seriously nerdy tendencies.

***You will probably find me updating my blog more often due to the new change in our home-

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