Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It is an interesting, and peculiar life I live. These days especially.

I am twenty-three year old, married woman. That in itself may be peculiar to some.

I own my own Business.

My husband is out of work and I we are together all.the.time.

I never wanted to be and never dreamed I would ever be a "Molly Mormon"-- Now, I think I am one.

Yesterday, Marshall and I sat outside in the sun, and we giggled over having no cares. "I have no cares in the world...." I said,.. shortly followed by... "Cause I have no money to have things to care for..." .. "Nor do (we) have the work to have money to have things to care for...".. "Nor do we have money to have work at home to care for...." and we sat and we looked at each other and smiled.

That was beautiful. All we have is each other.

That is our reality, and it hit me that the only cares I may have at the moment are for my Family, for my relationship with my wonderful husband, and for my faith.

And Now, I sit outside on the most comfortable patio furniture ever made, listening to the Hopkins clock tower chime, with the Internet in my lap....(sigh...)

Life is Simple to me. I am living the dream.