Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Before I woke up.

As I was wrapped inside my blankets,and as my eyes were tightly shut, I dreamed the
most absurdly, terrifying dream. I hate when I dream things that could actually happen. I have always been a little uneasy while going into public restrooms. For some reason, whenever I enter one alone, I feel as though there is someone (usually male) hiding in a stall. I imagine them usually crouched on top of a dirty toilet seat ready to get me with my pants down to torture me. I know, sick right? My mind comes up with worse, believe me. Last night, I had a dream that I was at the mall with my mother, she was taking a while and I really had to go to the bathroom, so I told my mom that I was going to go before the mall was closing up. I ran through the thick halls and made my way into the ladies room, as I stumbled into the cleanest stall, (after opening almost all the stall doors only to find "unflushed" toilets, which is more than common in public restrooms.sick) and fumbled with the lock I noticed on the filthy ground, a knife, with a long black handle underneath the toilet, I thought it was weird, but not much else of it as I quickly tried to sit down. Before I could, my stall door was pushed opened to a female janitor who had reddish brown hair, puffy bangs, and tiny braids from roots to almost ends throughout her medium length hair, she had rough,sunken eyes, which wore heavy makeup and darkly lined lips. I tried to yell at her to get out, but she only came closer with what looked like an electric floor cleaner which backed me into the corner of the stall almost on top of the toilet. I remembered the knife on the ground and thought to reach for it when unexpectedly I hear a loud, dull sound.Something felt terribly different...the room changed and Suddenly in my peripheral vision was a large man, he had acne scars on his skin, spiky hair and wore only black- he was holding a large metal object.I realized then that I was just struck on the head with his large, metal weapon, and the loud, dull sound was the echo of the blow to my own head. It was then my eyes started to drift,and my body became numb and torpid. I watched these two monsters grin devilishly as my body slowly slid to the ground... (there was nothing I could do)

AWOKE=My eyes shot open--- There was no way I was falling back asleep after that dream. There is also no way I am going into a public restoom alone.