Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Hiccups.

One year ago, today, Marshall gracefully bent down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

After our dinner tonight, we had a little activity, a reminder of why we decided to get married-

We both had to come up with 5 things we learned/love about the other person, and 5 things we have learned about ourselves.

I scribbled down my 5 things I love/learned about Marshall fairly quickly, even adding more. These are what I put...

- I love how intelligent he is.
-His Loyalty to me
-I have learned he has his own clock and his own schedule
-His laugh.
-His confidence
-His love for me.

Marshall put...
-She gives me hugs when I need them
-She loves teaching Primary (Sunday school for 6 year olds)
-She can be a good friend
-She loves me,even when I don't thinks she does.
-She has many talents;many she is discovering and many she has yet to discover.

His list was WAY better than mine, (I thought anyways.)

For the 5 things we learned about ourselves. I put...

-I am more of a housewife than I ever thought I would/could be.
-I can be frugal.
-I can be patient.
-I have learned(how) to be compassionate
-I have learned(how) not to be selfish

Marshall put...

- I enjoy many foods I've never tried before.
-I find it hard to stay mad at Kristy, even when I am really upset.
-I treasure quiet time, to be by myself, or be able to think and reflect. (In other words.. I(Kristy) is really annoying and always around. It's sometimes nice when she isn't around)
-I like being financially organized.
-Despite the ups and downs, the flaws and imperfections, I really love being married to Kristy,I made a good choice.

Marshall's list was really good. I found myself a little emotional about it actually.

I suggest to all those with another half to do this activity. Take time to remember why you are together, what you have been able to learn from the other and why you love them so much. I am glad we did this.

Despite the fact that today I have learned that Marshall hates my hiccups "more than nails on a chalkboard and it makes his hair stand on end."- I know that he LOVES me. :)