Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stuck on a windshield

Sometimes my drives to and from work are my only moments of quiet time. My time to ponder,reflect and meditate.
Today as I strummed my fingers against my steering wheel and took in the tunes, I found myself alarmed by a sudden helpless insect that probably surprised itself by landing on to my windshield.
Being stopped at the light I knew it would be OK only for small while. I watched it as it struggled, I watched its small,frail legs as they tried to grab onto its slippery surface. The weight of its wings seemed to have turned him from side to side and of course he was no longer stable.
As the light turned green, I drove slowly, I didn't want the insect to get blown away, I felt for it. I actually wanted to stop the car and get out and help it off. As I accelerated slowly, the insect trembled and struggled with all its strength to hang on, and with only a blink of an eye it was gone.

Of course for the rest of my drive home, I compared this insect to myself and my life.

How often have we been surprised by our ability to land in certain areas of our lives, and to experience the hardest,tasking and worthwhile times imaginable, where there is struggle to hang on, where there are tests of your own strength to keep going. Where for in that moment in your life when you feel like you are the only one going through it and it's lasting forever, when in the 'grand scheme of things' it's only a blink of an eye.-- then you are blown off into another world of experience.

I have been that insect, I think I am that insect.