Monday, June 1, 2009

Words Cannot Explain

Those of you who know me, know this. I am IN LOVE with the Twilight series. Everything about them. I don't care how juvenile others may say they are, or how Stephenie Meyers writing lacks in "goodness" I have a persistent and unceasing relationship with these books. My first purchase after getting married was the box set. Yes, You read right. The Box.set. I don't allow anyone to borrow these books. These sit in a perfectly secure place on my bookshelf where I can look at them. always.
Due to the lack of television accessibility we have brought upon ourselves in our
home, I obviously wasn't able to watch the New Moon Trailer that was released to everyone else from the MTV Awards. But knew that in only moments time it would be smeared across the web and at my digit tips.

I have watched this... times already. I am in awe of this, simply because it is exactly how I fancied it. (Now I just wait 171 more days until its out in theaters.)

I am happy to share with you my fixation.

Tell me what you thought!