Thursday, July 16, 2009

An Exciting visit to the Salon

My Nieces were in need of haircuts before their new baby brother arrives and I suggested that they make a trip to my salon. Usually we do cuts in our kitchen so there isn't so much running around. This of course is not nearly as much fun, they don't get to look at themselves and usually it isn't long until they are asking if they are done yet.

But this salon experience was priceless. I don't think I remember seeing these girls so excited before.

Amy was excited to go first, she immediately hopped into the shampoo bowl and enjoyed a nice wash.

She explained to me that she was growing her hair out and just wanted a trim. (She is a very mature 5 year old.)

Sarah was next. As she got her hair washed, Amy looked on and asked a ton of questions, She also didn't fail to tell me I had bubbles up my arm. She is too cute.

Sarah was so giddy about her haircut she could barely sit still. She was confident about what she wanted and told me she wanted a "CHOP!" She also was talking about how much she loves her mom's short do, and wants it like hers...


This is Hayley and Amy as they wait for Sarah to finish up.

Hayley also had her hair done, no action shots of that, just the finished product. She received a partial head of foils and a fresh cut. She looked adorable as always.

Here we all are! They all looked Beautiful!!

Thanks to Jessica, (my sis- in law) for taking all the pics and sending them over to me so I could of course Blog about this!

* Later on I heard that Sarah was too excited to sleep and that she couldn't stop looking in the mirror. I love hearing that!*