Monday, July 6, 2009

Notes of the weekend...

I can't seem to find the right spot to begin sharing with you our 4th of July weekend we spent with the Hansons. I don't know if I should begin the night before we left, where Marshall and I spent almost 3 hours singing Karaoke or when Marshall flipped his kayak... I will start with the karaoke night...

On Thursday night, as Marshall and I packed for our venture to Ortonville, Mn. (about 3 1/2 hours west of the cities) I noticed that Marshall had found his silly fishing hat. You know, the ones that were cool in 1990. I was like "You aren't bringing that are you, you aren't really serious...?" He was like "YEAH, This is awesome!" --- after completely spraining my rolling eye muscles, I tried to let it go. I saw him stash in his duffle bag and I knew I would have to sneak in and take it out before we left. He knew what I was thinking... so much that he slung his bag over his shoulder and chest and sat on the couch. I taunted him and teased. I couldn't help but laugh at him. This was so funny. Only moments went by when he jumped from the couch and exclaimed.."OH! I HAVE A GREAT IDEA! I Will bring my WIND PANTS!" --- I gasped-- and said "WOW BABE! YOU ARE GETTING COOLER AND COOLER EVERY SECOND." We were both laughing at this point.

After this occurrence I realized I had a couple library books that were already over due and we needed to drop them off before they were more over due. It was 10 pm at this point. After getting home-- around 10:15...

During the day, Marshall went to the store and bought us a head set microphone. I was extremely excited about this because I have had a recent interest in karaoke. I found a site online where you can create a profile and sing karaoke, and have others rate you. In fact, there are competitions! This Blows my mind! I had to be a part of it, so I was really excited about this purchase. We were singing karaoke until midnight! We couldn't stop, Marshall insisted on singing, not 1 but 2 Backstreet Boy songs. (This was one of those nights where I definitely noticed our age difference.)

We woke up early and waited for Whitney and Derek to pick us up for our little weekend getaway. I was really excited, we of course both over packed as always and the drive was actually very lovely. We chatted and joked the whole way. It seemed kinda rainy (30% chance. ;)) We were kinda bummed about that but knew it would be much better on the 4th. Once we arrived it was lunch time! The cabin was beautiful and it seemed like a little home. The Hansen's put alot of their time and hard work into it and it definitely paid off. We were quite comfortable. We were fed like Kings and Queens. The hospitality was unexpected and so appreciated. Later on we went into South Dakota and Whitney's parents had to have spent over Hundreds of dollars on fireworks alone! I was giddy about it! Our very own fireworks show! This was so awesome. We stopped at two places for fireworks, stocked up!

With it raining, we headed back to the cabin and played some lengthy games of WAR and watched the Bourne Identity and some ghost hunters in the background. (Because we don't have television, this was a real treat for Marsh and I :)) The rain didn't stop these Hansen's/Hansons from starting a fire in the pit though, we definitely had one anyways. It was so fun to be a part of it.
Before we even left on Thursday, I was coming down with a cold or something pretty bad. I hung in there for most the time, but I was miserable but Saturday morning. I was up at 6:30 showered and ready and waited for everyone else to wake up. It was Beautiful out! We immediately put on or suits and went out on the lake, we kayaked, went tubing (Marshall was the only one to flip off his :)and floated around on floaters for most of the afternoon.

We had races in the kayaks, and at one point, Marshall and Derek kayaked while Whitney and I hung onto the back of them on floaters while they paddled around...Marshall flipped his. It was so funny-happened so fast. We were all laughing too hard. We were rescued by Whitney's lovely dad, he came out on his boat and scooped Marshall and his kayak up. Once to the dock, Marshall fell in again, we all saw, and couldn't hold in the laughter.Poor Marshall.. I love him. After the whole day in the lake I showered up for the evening of fireworks and good eats. I giggled to myself as I looked in the mirror. My face was untouched by the sun, due to my impeccable SPF application, EXCEPT for, my nose and upper lip. Because I came down with a cold, I had stuffed wads of Kleenex into the top of my swimsuit and was blowing my nose all day, which wiped all the SPF off of my nose and upper lip. It looks funny.

The fireworks were awesome! The s'mores were delicious, and the night was perfect!

We sang patriotic songs on the small deck of the boat house and even had fireworks shells land in our laps, (not dangerously close at all)

This 4th of July weekend was the BEST EVER! I Love my Friends!

Thank you Hansens/Hansons for the most wonderful time ever!!!