Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am a very random person I would say. I have also heard that I am a random person. Things I do, and things I say.

But this morning, after getting ready for work, I felt like I still didn't look "ready" I couldn't figure out what was exactly missing. I dug through my enormously messy drawer of makeup + junk and found a red lipstick, "wet, wet red" something old, probably from Highschool or something.. I know, Gross right?

I pulled it out, and slapped it on. I looked in the mirror, and thought to myself, "Perfect!"

I stepped out into the living room, where Marshall was sitting. I looked at him... and I watched his eyes get wide. (Not a great sign) Then he said, "Whoa... You are wearing... why are you wearing that?" ... I didn't really want to explain to him why I thought I needed to wear bright red lipstick on a Wednesday morning at 8:43 am. But thought I should defend myself. "Because after I was all ready for the day I didn't seem like I looked "ready"- I said.

His obvious male response for, 'I hate it, take it off' was, "I have never seen you wear that before," with his eyes still wide and his head down. Almost as though he was embarrassed for me.

I am going to wear this all day. Because I feel great!!

The end.