Friday, August 14, 2009

Best thing I have heard.. in a while.

A woman walks into the salon last night, she was wearing all white. Her lips stained with bright red lipstick and hair painted jet black, on the left side of her head it was at her chin, and the other side it sat right on top of her ear.

Imagine, this- but Jet Black.

As she walked in, I thought for sure, it was somebody else's client. Nope. She came in to see me.

As I walked her to the chair, I couldn't help but think, "How can I convince this woman that she needs something "age appropriate" (she was in her 60's)

Once in my chair I was able to convince her that we could do something a bit softer for her face shape, that would still have the asymmetrical look she is going for. She bit on it and went for it, She seemed like a creative person and open to a change, (although she did tell me that she has had an asymmetrical haircut since 1980.)

After getting to know her a little bit,she told me she was an artist, I asked her what kind of art, she said "painting,--I am a painter." "Ohhh!" I said, and more interested in what she paints, I asked, "What is it that you like to paint?".. Almost no pause for her to answer. "Cats," she said. "Cats, on bridges, Cats, on waterfalls, Cats. I love Cats"

I should have known.

And that is the Best thing I have heard.(In a long while..)