Sunday, August 30, 2009

Now what?

This past week, I've actually come home and been kind of lost on what exactly to do. We are at a loss with projects at the moment and are waiting to start a new one.

Our kitchen cabinets are completed and our kitchen has been freshly painted. It looks beautiful.

Our next project is our backsplash! We are doing a faux tin backsplash-

It will look adorable next to our bright new cabinets and great knobs. Then we plan on picking up a stainless steel kitchen island/cart (Thank you IKEA) that will be pushed up against presently bare wall, we desperately need the extra counter space.

Our friends, the Roberts, kindly gave us their old Hanging pots and pans holder, I was sooo excited about this because I was planning on purchasing one because I loved theirs so much! So that is up already!

Our home is slowly but surely becoming our own, and I am so proud of our hard work.

We are limited on our projects because of finances, but slowly we get to them. I am hoping that after our backsplash and kitchen cart we can plan for new flooring in the kitchen (especially), and of course throughout our home. (Our carpet is a little aged.)

I get so excited about decorating our house, I have so many ideas!!

Marshall has been so great about all my ideas, he is always open to them and I can tell he just wants me to be happy. He has really let me do whatever I want when it comes to decorating and I love him for that.