Saturday, August 8, 2009

Raining Shoes

Today started off as a real sucky day. It turned out to be not-sucky at all!

I had envisioned this day as a day full of sweat and hard work over priming and prepping my kitchen cabinets who in the plans to be done before the fall. But because of the large amounts of rain this morning I decided against it. (I needed the garage, and I was not about to run in and out of the pouring rain- although I do love me some rain.)

I was also really bummed because Marshall would be spending his day with a bunch of buddies- while leaving me at home. Without anything to do,because my previous plans were ruined.)

The minute he left I sulked around the house for about 2 seconds, then I texted my best friend, Whitney. She invited me over to help her with a table so I headed right over, I was excited to spend the afternoon with her.

Once I got there I was greeted by their ever growing rambunctious Goldie doodle pup, Snuffy and then we had awesome lemonade and hand seasoned burgers on the grill, courtesy of Whitney and her awesome husband Derek.

We decided against refinishing the table, because after all the rain, it was much too hot. (I promise, I am really not a baby about the weather.)

Instead!- We went Antiquing and Thrifting! I had so much fun!

With a full bladder and all (from all the lemonade) We shopped and shopped--

I found 2 pairs of awesome shoes- Mossimo brand, Target Boutique. For guess how much?-- Go ahead, Take a wild guess.

3.50 EACH! 7 Bucks for 2 pairs of shoes!!

You think that is good, Whitney walked out with almost 3 outfits for 5.50!

**Ahh. the strobe like fluorescent lights and the moldy, moisture filled air never stops me from an amazing deal.

I am happy with my purchase, and I think Marshall will be very proud of me. :)