Saturday, August 22, 2009

This Morning's Musings

I happened to roll out of bed this morning on a mission. I am not sure why or where I was busy going to, but I have already successfully ripped the sheets off the bed and have those in the wash, I have darks drying. I put a nice green mask on my face and plan on giving myself a mini- facial and moustache (wooowweeee, I need it) wax, of course, shower-- sometimes it is hard to get in there, don't ask why.

My plan is to get these miniscule tasks completed before Marshall gets home. Now that he is back to work, I have had a little bit of time alone. I am not going to lie, I miss him like crazy. I get really bored without him in this little house. We have been doing projects so that has been keeping me busy enough. But, Let me tell you, when that paint is drying.. I am usually going crazzzy..

Our plan today is to rip out our super old "roll-away" dishwasher. No, this does NOT (ever) work it is just as an eye sore- a cringe when you first see it- pain in the cornia- eye sore. Marshall likes the "counter space" for his cadillac of toaster ovens- toaster oven. I have found better home for it.


We then plan on painting the kitchen a soft- muted brown. This is bound to look beautiful next to our fresh ivory cupboards. (clapping my hands with excitement!)


Marshall has also agreed to build me a nice set of open shelving against the opposite wall of our kitchen area, for all my dishes, that way we have more space for food in the cabinets, cause we are fattys and like mucho food- and food space for all our food.


My heart swells just looking at this pictures. I cannot wait until our are completed so I can show you!

I don't think I will ever want to move out of our home.