Thursday, August 6, 2009

We are in.. What?!

The other day I was informed that I was in some kind of bridal magazine. At first I was like, Cool... Weird... Why?!

Then I heard again that same day... "Did you know you are in a the Minnesota Bride?" My response.. "UHHH... "

I was thinking to myself, 'man, maybe I should figure out what these people are talking about.'
I sent my friend to the nearest magazine seller and told her to pick up the -say- magazine. To no surprise at all, and of course a little surprise, there I was, and of course my Marshall.


We were on half the page! I was a little excited,I am not going to lie. (Although, this is not one of my favorite pictures, they could have picked a better one)

But then I was looking at the photography company that we were selling there and I, being a bit confused and a little irritated, speaking out loud, of course..."This company didn't shoot us, a very talented friend did!" I called our photographer to figure out what was going on, I wanted her to get the credit for our seriously mad "modeling skills". (ha ha.) NOT this other photographer.

She politely cleared everything up, with a completely understandable explanation. There will be no suing from our end. (I would never... or would I?)

Isn't this Fun!


When Marshall heard the news his voice went up at least 10 decibels, "WHAT!?"

When I told him he was kissing me in the photo, his voice went up at least another 10. "You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!"

His response, was priceless. I couldn't help but laugh hysterically. He didn't want ANY kissy pictures taken at all (He is shy) and when we were being photographed I had to convince him to lay one on me--- He is a good sport. But now look what happened!