Sunday, September 27, 2009

Renaissance Fair or Renaissance Fail?

Marshall and I missed out on all the usual summer activities due to our "busy" schedules and lack of funds, and one of my lovely clients dropped off two tickets to the 'Renaissance Festival'. I was sooooo excited because I have always wanted to go. We decided to make our trip to the fair yesterday, (Saturday). We mapped out our directions and we were half way there when I realized " OOh! Crap! I forgot the tickets!"-- yea. I suck, How could I have forgotten the tickets? Marshall immediately wanted to scrap the whole idea, he wasn't nearly as excited as I was about the Renaissance Festivities. I was bound and determined that we were not going to miss this. We drove all the way home..30 min back and 45 minutes back.. about 2 hours in the car. When we finally got there we were both kinda crabby and all I wanted was to get in there, we pulled in and I parked right away, not even looking for closer parking. We parked in 1996, which if any of you are aware, this is almost 6oo years away from the entrance, no joke.

Once in, we were greeted by a busty, creepy woman who wanted people to pose with their heads in the hole of a horses rear, one of those cut out picture things. First impression.. hmm.. interesting.
Walking in a couple more steps we noticed beers on beers on beers... lots of hairy bellies and dirty faces and dirty hands. We stood and watched a silly tumbling show, which was cute and probably the most tasteful thing we enjoyed the whole day.

As we walked around a bit more, a man asked if I was with my boyfriend, I shyly shook my head no, and proceeded to show him my ring finger, he said, "oooh, your husband! What sore bet did you lose?" I didn't like that. I know he was acting and trying to be funny, but he insulted myself, and my wonderful husband. We were both sensitive to that.
I love the animals! There were sheep and elephants! and camels, and horses and puppies for sale! I even got to pet a 12 ft. yellow Python! YIkeS! That was crazy.
Marshall and I stopped in on a couple shows, none too exciting. We enjoyed an overpriced smoothie and awesome cheese curds, and at that point we were spent.

We both decided we don't need to visit the Renaissance festival again for a couple years. I am not going to lie, I was a little disappointed. I was expecting a lot more.

I definitely didn't feel this was at all a family friendly place, more of an environment for sensual,dramatic, thespians looking for another excuse to dress in weird clothing to express themselves.

Although, I did enjoyed myself and can say I have gone to the Renaissance Festival.