Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday and a Best Friend

Lets just start off by saying I have amazing friends. I am so blessed. Whitney and her husband invited Marshall and I over to celebrate my birthday! Boy! Did Whitney out do herself! She made homemade mashed potatoes, that totally rocked my world, an awesome rotisserie chicken, that of course fell beautifully of the bone, fresh salad, steamy green broccoli and warm rolls. I had a serious food baby by the time I was finished!Here is a picture of her beautiful table setting! She made this so special for me! I've never had anyone do this for me, I was soooo excited!
Marshall and I were able to play with their awesome goldiedoodle, Snuffy. Who convinced us that we need a dog, and we want one She kissed us and kissed us, and even lost a tooth!(She is still a puppy, 5 months)
Instead of the traditional birthday cake, we had pumpkin pie!! Which is one of my favorites! We "slaughtered" our pies with whip cream... ugghhhhhhmazing!! And I think I made a wish!
Marshall and I, hamming it up.-- Why are there no pictures of Whitney and Derek??
Whitney gave my the most beautiful gift, It is a dainty silver necklace with a round pendent on it, and engraved in the pendent it says, "I am thankful that your path crossed mine" the card read, "I am so blessed that in God's design, he made it so your path crossed mine" I LOVED IT! I couldn't have said it any better myself, of Whitney and My relationship. She is my sister, and I love her so much! She is a daily reminder of all the beauty and love that is left in the world.
Happy Birthday to me!