Saturday, October 31, 2009

is Halloween, Halloween anymore?

..or is it an excuse for adults to express their personal sexual fantasies?

I am confused on this one.

Isn't Halloween about Trick-or-treating, wearing costumes,(years ago, common costumes were of monsters such as ghosts,skeletons,witches..etc, said to be used to scare off demons),costume parties,ghost tours,bonfires,haunted house attractions,pranks, scary stories, and horror movies??

The world today has twisted this secular holiday into a "sexual" holiday.

I remember a couple years ago driving down Frat row by the U of M on Halloween night, watching all the sorority girls in their skimpy little costumes and it was barely 30 degrees out, I couldn't help but laughing at them for being so 'unprepared'
(good word usage)

A male client of mine asked me one year if I was going to be dressing up, I told him no, and that if I did it would be something like a chicken or a cow or something like that (hahah) and giggling to myself, because I was serious. His response caught me off guard. "That's too bad, because you have the body to put in one of those 'little' costumes." I will never forget how I felt. I felt... dirty. That wasn't even a compliment.

I have noticed that little girls and preteen costumes are becoming shorter and tighter these days, it's so sad.
What kind of example is society setting for our young women?

Don't worry Moms and Dads, cops are keeping there eyes out for sex offenders.
A local radio station advertises for their "Exotic, Erotic Ball"-- whoever has the sexiest costume wins cash prizes. They have joked of girls showing up with nothing but electrical tape covering themselves, claiming that they are dressed as, you guess it, an Electrician.----------- Uhhh..... Really?

Still confused on how society whored this holiday out.
(see what one bishop thinks)

Let this just be another example of how there is and needs to be "opposition in all things"- 2 Nephi 2:11

Don't get me wrong here, I am all for celebrating, as long as it is in good, wholesome, clean fun.

On that note, I should get my Snow White costume on, before the trick-or-treaters come! eeeeeK!!!