Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last night I went to Heaven.

This may sound completely crazy.

but try to keep an open mind while reading this.

The night before last night, I had this dream...

'I found myself in this wonderfully simple, yet beautiful clean room. The walls were glass all around me and once I looked through them I realized then how high this room actually was. I ran to the west side of this room and looked out its large clear glass wall, and below me laid a large field of tall grass blowing almost perfectly rhythmic, it was nothing but serene.I sighed to myself, "this is so... beautiful," I said under my breath, someone who must have heard me told me to check out the other side. I walked over to the the east wall of glass and there stretched a large body of water with the wind thrashing at the tides as the ocean sprayed the purest white foam. At this moment I found myself speechless, as I turned around, I notice a woman walk in. She was gesturing toward me, calling me by name. Her skin was somewhat aged,olive, and her hair curled as though it was perfectly set the night before. She wore a floral dress with a feminine collar and 3 buttons, it moved briskly with her as she came toward me. I didn't recognize her as my grandma, because I have never known my grandma to be so young, quick and stunning. But I knew it was her. She was perfect. I couldn't help but look around the room to see if it was really me she was calling for. I noticed rows and rows of white pews lined as though this was a chapel, or some place very sacred.
I followed this woman, who is my grandmother to another room.Similar to the one I was just in but more people were in this one, and two beautiful girls dressed in white gowns stood at the north end of the room, facing the pews as though they were preparing to perform. My grandma pushed my back lightly with both her hands, "get up there.. hurry!"
As I made my way up to the girls... I woke up.

I thought this was such a peculiar dream. Until last night.

Last night I dreamed this...

'I was riding in the car with Marshall, I was looking at him, he was aged a bit, wearing glasses that fit his face elegantly, he had a jacket with high collar and he was driving a newer car. I sat in the passenger seat, completely smitten as I admired my husband.
My cell phone rings, it is my mother. "Hello?" I say, "hello," my mother replies. "How are you?" I ask. -pause--- My mom starts to weep, "Robyn,(my aunt) was killed in a car accident, instantly on impact..." I remember at that moment throwing my hand over my mouth, gasping for breath...

and then I woke up.

But before I completely woke, for some reason I thought to myself, "this goes with the last dream."- It was as though it wasn't a question. This was a story, this was a sequence, and it was not in order.
I tossed and turned in my bed for about an hour or so, putting the pieces together, it was almost too easy. This is what I have come up with.

In my first dream, I am in a heaven, whether I am dead, or visiting or what have you, I am there. And so is my grandmother, and all the people around me. My grandmother was pushing me to sing because we were welcoming my aunt who had just been killed in an accident, it was our "welcome to heaven". (Angels will sing as you are enter the pearly gates I presume..:) It was obvious that my grandmother was eager to be with her daughter again.

*This was such a beautiful dream, I just had to share it. I mean, it is actually kind of frightening, with my aunt and my grandmother and of course myself all being deceased. But, I remember the calmness and the beauty of the moment and everything about it, almost as though there were no feeling at all. Complete joy and never ending happiness.

I am excited to sleep tonight.