Monday, November 16, 2009

Let's make a memory of it.

With a little paint, some stencils and great quote from a very loving husband,
you can surely create a piece of art.

A couple weeks ago, our cupboards and fridge were bare. I am talking, E.M.P.T.Y
It was a Sunday and we don't run errands on Sundays. So either we starve, or I get creative.

I found half a bag of chocolate chips and thought I could fix up chocolate chips muffins. (We didn't even have milk, or eggs, I used water and oil)

As I was in the kitchen, Marshall said from the couch,
"Sometimes, I think you are so magical."
I walked over to him, with a smile smeared across my face, not expecting to hear what he said next.
"You always find something good to eat."---
This was such a great 'husband quote' I thought,  Lets make a memory out of it!
Or a piece of art!

And I did just that! This hangs in our kitchen, where everyone can see, that you can ALWAYS find something to eat, even when it doesn't look like there is anything at all.