Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Awesome Parents

These are my awesome parents. This pic was taken in 1981, right after they were married.

They met in the Air Force. My mother was an Officer and my father was a Security Guard. My mother is 6 Years older then my father. He was only 21 in this picture, she is 27.(I like to think that she was one of the first cougars!:)My mom was going to be deployed to another base when they were only dating for a couple months. My dad didn't want to see her go, and thought the only way he could keep her from leaving was to get her to marry him. He boldly asked, she said she needed time, and then agreed. They were married only a few months after. She is a native from Hawaii, He is from Burnsville, Minnesota. My dad still reminisces about the first time he saw her in these exact 'painters pants.'
That is when he knew he would marry her, he still says.

I just submitted this photo to This awesome Site.