Sunday, November 22, 2009

//My Mother

This is my Mother. Isn't she absolutely stunning?
 I look at these photos and I can't believe that this woman is my mother.
The woman who sacrificed so much to tend to my every need.
 The person who was at my side for every single event in my life.

She exemplified strength and confidence as a mother and also as a woman.
She worked hours overnight to provide for her 3 young girls asleep in their beds.
(And even after 20 + years still continues to provide)
She continues to support me, lift me up and encourages me in all I do.
I love her. For all the she is, and all that she does, and all the she continues to be and become.
I have watched her grow into the most beautiful human being.
I honor my mother. I love my mother.
I hope to be just like her.