Sunday, November 1, 2009

One Year...and counting.

This is such a classic pic of us, I had to post it.

Marshall and I celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary! It seems like yesterday that I said "I will" from across the altar. I have heard more than one person say that the first year is the hardest. If that is the case, I think I can handle anything that comes my/our way.I'm not going to lie, transitioning into being a 'married woman' was no easy task. I was "off-limits" along with any guy that I looked at, and I became very ok with that in time. I feel like it has taken me a good year to be comfortable in my own wifey skin, comfortable in my own home and comfortable in my husbands arms. I am secure now, more than I was a year ago. I know I have learned so many things that I don't think I would ever experience without being married.
I have learned patience,frugality,compassion,service,sacrifice, and many more things I never knew I could be capable of. I have also realised how much I love being a wife.

* Marshall just reminded me of our first week married, he was gone at work and I was in our new home alone, I RE-folded all his drawers in our dresser and put together all his socks, (its what I do, it isn't/wasn't something he was used to) I would also fold his corner over at night time with his folded p.j's on top of the fold. (sick right? I know.. that ended fairly quickly)

Anyways..I am so excited for what will happen for us in this next year.

Side Note-
** I hate the person who came up with the "save the top of your cake + for your First Anniversary Gig" That person sucks... so did our cake. It was dry as cardboard. Did I mention that Marshall and I got into it a couple months after we got married, I don't think it was any better then.