Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Marshall wasn't feeling well tonight, he had warned me before I arrived at home.
When he greeted me at the door he was in a sweat suit with the hood up along with one of our adorable throws wrapped around his neck.
I looked back at him as he gave me his puppy eyes. I could tell he needed some love and compassion.

When I was younger and I told my parents that I was feeling sick,
 the only response I ever heard  was
Basically, the 'walk it off, you'll live' method.
Thats the only way I know how to get better.
So, as history repeats itself.
I of course say this to Marshall in the most incompassionate way I've learned.
I am learning slow and hard to be more 'compassionate' to him when he is sick, I just dont know how to do it. So when he walked into the bedroom to slip under the covers at 8pm tonight. I followed, but with my laptop in hand.  At this moment,He peacefully snores besides me.
I think this may be the most compassionate I've ever been.
I am catching on,
(but I hope I'm not catching what he might have.)