Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweet lil' find

Today I ventured out to the nearest thrift store. I was actually on a mission to find "ugly" Christmas sweaters for Marshall and I for an upcoming party. No luck on that. But I did find this little treasure, (along with a couple of others.)

This is my Favorite.

My new Obsession is Milk Glass Anythings. I already have a beautiful Owl Planter (You may see him in the background, along with a little white tea kettle, with the birdy on top-- I love.) (decor use only, of course)

I couldn't wait to add it to the family- and of course to add sweet little mints to it either.

Another something sweet. Marshall leaves for work before I even wake up, so normally I am incoherent when he says good bye. But when he came home we were practically wearing the same exact thing. I had to take a picture. It was pretty funny.