Friday, December 4, 2009

Falling in Love//Never forget

The other night, I fell fast asleep.
I even dreamt. Of course, My dreams are always so special to me, and completely involuntary, and I think that is why I love them so much. How my brain can come up with some of the most beautiful experiences, without me knowing. Rocks my world.
Last night, My dreams took me to another part of my life, and maybe it wasn't my life? Maybe it was a life beyond this? or Previous this? Who knows?

But I have mentioned before how vivid my dreams are, how I can smell almost everything around me, I can feel the light on my skin, and I can hear distinct voices speaking. It's almost as though I drift off into a whimsical land with unpredictable circumstance.

I believe I was myself in my dream, and I was in love.-- But felt that I was overwhelmed with this heavy emotion..As though, I was falling in love. (again)
My heart was swollen with an intoxicating affection.This feeling was a familiar one, one that I think many can unfortunately loose sight of once in an exclusive, secure relationship. They become comfortable with the devotion felt one with another. Leading on to unintentionally neglecting the 'in-love' accessory we are all gifted with when we are born.I believe this feeling is the reason for being alive.
In my dream I remember being able to feel my heart as though it was worn outside of my body,the pressure of it against my skin was the most difficult to comprehend. But I knew the rythmic pulse is what kept me breathing. Sometimes, we forget that.Maybe.Love helps us breathe. Being loved keeps our blood flowing through our veins, and the act of loving keeps our hearts in sync with those around us. and with those closest to us.
I only realize now how simple it is to neglect the importance of acting out love. How easy it is to forget the first feelings of a real love, once in-love.