Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fire Dance.

Our living room has had quite the makeover these past few weeks. Slowly I have been adding patterned pillows, and different pieces to create a room more of our personality. I recently picked up a table from craigslist for only 25 bucks, and knew it needed some love. I was torn on a color to tie in the colors from the pillows and the drapes. I knew it had to POP!
I made sure it would be fun. is what I was working with.
I sanded it down and Primed it up...
I love the small accents just under the tabletop in the corners of the legs.

Did I tell you I went with a color called Fire Dance?
Yes, It is loud and proud. I am loving it.
Marshall is still trying to get used to it.
His response was "You did a very nice job painting it."
He was being nice, but I knew under that remark was a deep hate for the color I chose.
I asked him to be excited for me, because I loved it. He is trying.

Here it is! What do you think?!

Next on my list, fresh flowers and pretty accessories for the table.