Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Powdery envelopes of snow blanket the earth. I'm sick of it,I never love snow. It's beauty is blinding to some, me mostly. I ask myself every winter, why? why do I live in Minnesota? It should snow all week- says the weatherman. And Phil, the groundhog, thank you for seeing your shadow, thank you for reminding me there is another six weeks of this. blaggh..
 This is the view from our bedroom.

Marshall took me to the conservatory at the Como Zoo this weekend, He knows how much I hate the cold.
I was surprised and also not surprised that everyone else must have had the same idea as us. It was packed!

The foliage and beautiful flowers in their humid enviroment are always refreshing. I just wish I could bottle it take it with me everywhere.

Ps. Marshall and I have recently been told that some couples have that "fire"- but we have a "forest fire"
This made me giggle, and blush, is it that noticeable? ;)