Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Days

Marshall has been working like crazy. Last week he worked almost 75 hours. He leaves when I am asleep and sometimes comes home when I am asleep. I told him that I feel like he is a dream, a mere figment of my imagination, like he doesn't exist. (ok, now I'm exaggerating) But seriously, 75 + hours.. Geez! I almost liked it better when he wasn't working at all. We pray and pray for engineering work to come his way, and I know it will...In time. I have faith in that. We pay our tithing diligently every week and we have noticed tremendous blessings in doing so. The other morning, as I lay half asleep, Marshall leaned in to kiss me good bye and then he whispered something different then his usual, "I love you's, and see ya sweet cheeks." Gently, he said, "soon we will have happy days."

This repeated itself in my head until I woke up and I had to journal it. Just because it struck me as, odd, and somewhat profound. You can take this as you will, but for me... I took it as, someday, life will be a less stressful as it is currently. I guess I hope that we won't be living as spontaneously as we are momentarily.
That would be a "happy" thing to me. To have some security in our income, and work situation and of course savings and back up.

But with all that said, I enjoy these moments like crazy. We have learned so much about eachother, and about the important things in life, and of course sacrifice and selflessness. We are what you would say... "figuring it out," on faith,hope, tithing and love.