Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick thinking

I have been doing so many haircuts at home lately. I have been so embarrassed to be doing them in the kitchen that I figured it was time to do something about it. I already owned a salon chair, so we set it up in one of our empty rooms and made a 'mock' salon. I couldn't be more giddy about it! I feel like I am playing salon, like a little girl! This makes doing hair at home, wayyyyy more fun!

Here is the infamous chair. This was passed down to me from the woman who used to do my hair, she is the reason I got into doing hair, I loved her!
Here is the view from behind the chair. I have a beautiful art piece behind me, (Melissa Loop design) and a bookcase with a stereo.
The Vanity shown is actually something I had when I was a bachelorette, It's been downstairs collecting dust, all we did was add this beautiful silver plated mirror.
You can also see the chandelier through the reflection of the mirror, this is hanging in the corner where
my dressform stands.  (she is there for the moment, I plan on getting a chair for guests to sit in while they wait their turn for a cut. :)

I am so excited about this! What do you think?!