Sunday, May 23, 2010


Dear Diary,
 It's been days, if not weeks.. Months, since I have seriously sat down and wrote. The most miraculous things have been happening to me (us) We have noticed and felt the hand of someone else in our lives more recently now, then ever before. We have felt emotions beyond our capacity to learn how to express and have also felt the assurance and comfort that no matter what happens we will always have our family. And the word "Family" has become even more powerful than ever before. One after another, an almost domino effect of events have been placed before us almost preparing us, or testing us of our faith. In the midst of almost having enough of it all, we are asked to work in the Temple. Immediately we say yes, knowing that this is what we need and is expected of us to prove our faith in Heavenly Father and also sincerely reminds us of our relationship with Him. I am so grateful for the tender mercies of our Heavenly Father and the experiences he hands to us all personally. I know he doesn't give us anything we cannot handle, and I also know that is why he entrusts us with one of His spirit children. And I am so honored and privileged to be on the other end of such a blessing. We now wait and watch my body change and develop in miraculous ways as it prepares to carry our little creation. Every morning I check out my new figure in the mirror in awe of the natural course it now takes. The body amazes me--.

 Months previous to our pregnancy discovery we were told I wouldn't be able to have children, I remember the sadness that was replaced with an overwhelming blanket of comfort and reminder that I have been promised the opportunity to have children-- and this I knew to be true.

Our baby is due on Thanksgiving Day.2010 (November 24) and like I have heard over and over again, "You will have much to be thankful for" I think this is true everyday, for everyday I am thankful and grateful to have this opportunity to be a mother and to prepare for our Baby and our growing Family.