Friday, May 21, 2010

Paint is magical.Part II

If you remember just a few posts ago I mentioned about our countertop in our bathroom shattering and we are in the process of replacing it. Well, I figured since that will be replaced, what a perfect time to spruce or say boring bathroom to something bold and beautiful. So, like I have always said, Paint is magical.
So, with this project, I brightened up our small little bathroom by painting our cabinets and around our vintage-like medicine cabinet mirror. We had left over paint from our kitchen project last year, so I used that!  

Before- Cabinets (Notice the shattered sink area?)

Here is the bathroomm green paint, which originally thought I loved, but once I had the idea to paint the cabinets, I knew we had to have a bold wall, I thought a peacock toned Navy would be perfect.I love the way it plays off our shower curtain! And get this! Our shower curtain is reversible, and it has an adorable blue design on the opposite side. SO perfect!

After- I chose a beautiful Martha Stewart Shade of Navy,
it looks stunning against the white. I also replaced the vintage chrome hardware to clear victorian knobs, which also made a tremendous difference.
Here you can see my cute shower curtain! :)

I love that all we did was paint and we totally trasnformed this room. I would have loved to completely gut this bathroom and start fresh, but this will have to do. And I love it !