Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'm wrapped in layers and layers of clothes, yes, it's spring they say. It's almost as though my house only gets colder as days pass closer to summer. I feel like the sun is hiding behind my laughter, which also has been hiding lately. Not because nothing is funny, because everything in my life seems to be humorous(to someone) But these past couple weeks have really tested Marshall and I, our faith mostly. Faith that at some point things just get better. Right? AND, of course, that there is a reason for all the madness. There is a plan, I know that to be true.
 Well, Jury Duty was completed at the end of April, thank goodness, I was so unbelievably stressed about that, it was really no biggie- just time consuming and a pain to drive to everyday. I am happy to serve our Country. Last week while admiring myself in the mirror it came crashing down shattering our porcelain counter to pieces. Only needing custom fitting one to replace it.perfect. And this week, while on my usual drive to work in my most loved car I've ever owned, the engine BLOWS! Are you serious?! Yes. We are now searching high and low for a reliable vehicle, hopefully just as awesome as my VW Wagon.. sigh...  Among all these things, we wait to hear back from a medical insurance company to know whether or not we've been approved, since we were denied just weeks before and I need to go to the doctor for a check up!
All this sounds like I'm complaining right? Well, Maybe I am-- a little. But to be honest. Things can only get better from here. I can feel something amazing coming our way. Why else would we be given all these exhausting experiences? We need to be able to enjoy what comes next for us. I am crossing every appendage on my body that Marshall gets a job this summer. Oh how wonderful that would be! He deserves it. He deserves everything. I love him like crazy.  (This is the most recent photo of him, sporting a sweet tan and a touch of the crazy eyes)
 And I am so excited to start blogging more regularly now-- Because I know I have neglected to lately. You can understand right?

Super Exciting News-
*My sister is having a baby BOY!! Due Mid-late September, I couldn't be more happy for her.
* Painting party at my house Monday the 17th, a couple of friends of mine are coming over to help me paint my living and dining room-- so I can stop talking about it.
*I'm nannying for the most adorable little family in Minneapolis twice a week. 9 month old baby girl- So.Cute.
*My hair is growing like crazy! SEE!!
---That's all for now.